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Bringing awareness, joy, and support to the families of those dealing with complex and rare medical conditions through our love of art and writing.

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We know how hard it is to find inclusive coloring pages. And that coloring pages can be a fun, friendly way to help prep a child for upcoming medical procedures. Download free coloring pages today. 

We believe that everyone, especially our children, deserve to be seen, heard, and loved for who they are. Not for who the media or the world says they “should be”. Just because someone might look a little different, eat or feed a little differently, live a little differently, does not mean that they are something “other.” All of our children want to play and live in the same basic way. Awareness Critters honors that. Each Critter has a Rare or special need(s). On this page you can learn about each character, the foundation or charity that is attached to them, and learn about what makes them special. 

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Read about families who are facing Rare and special needs and get the most updated information about Awareness Critters.

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Free coloring pages and other fun fact sheets.

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Learn how you can help families like your own and make a difference in their lives.


Learn more about the artist behind Awareness Critters.


Giving back is our mission and we are glad to be able to support the charities listed on this page. We keep a running tally of how much has been donated to these charities through our foundation. Follow the link and join the fight!

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By choosing one of these two options you are helping give back to the families that are dealing with rare medical conditions or special needs.

You can choose to directly Help a Child by Sponsoring a Critter. This will give you the choice to either pick a specific child that is in need and donate directly to their family, or choose a specific cause you wish to support. This will put funding into that category and more attention will be focused there.

You can also choose to directly Help the Cause by Donating to Our Program. This will give you the ability to make a one-time donation (or monthly recurring donations) that benefit the entire Awareness Critters program! You will be keeping the lights on and helping us reach and impact more lives!

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We Need Your Help

Awareness Critters is strictly run on volunteer basis. Want to keep seeing coloring pages and new Critters? Please donate and help us up and running Donate to the Cause