Meet the Artist

Brittany Huston

Brittany is the creator and founder of Awareness Critters, she has a BA in communication and was working on her MA in health communication when she met her husband and was swept off of her feet and whisked off to the country to live on a 5-acre plot of sand and sagebrush. Marriage blessed Brittany with 2 beautiful children right away. Not long after they were married, Brittany and her husband were expecting their first biological child together.

 Little Cub, spent her first week of life in the NICU. When Little Cub came home, Brittany and her family thought the worst was behind them. Over the coming month’s they were proven very wrong. Things got progressively got worse for Little Cub but doctors could not give her family any answers. Finally, when Little Cub was 15 months old they got her first diagnosis of FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) as well as several smaller diagnoses. Over the next year, Little Cub’s condition became more complex and confusing.

During this time, Brittany and her family were blessed with finding out they were expecting another little one. The week after Baby Bear was born, he too started showing signs of FPIES. Within 8 weeks he was no longer gaining weight and was getting increasingly sicker. Baby Bear was switched to a special amino acid based Elemental Formula,  and he started to do better but was still struggling. It was then that Brittany discovered that Baby Bear was reacting to the very water that was in his bottle. After a lot of trial and error, Brittany discovered a safe water for Baby Bear and that is when he started to thrive.

During all of these struggles, art and writing were lifelines for Brittany. One night while laying in bed and praying for answers, Brittany’s prayer for help, came in the form of the idea of the Awareness Critters! Instead of sleeping that night, Brittany spent time illustrating the very first Awareness Critter, Henry the Mouse, in the painting titled “Teal Mice” and writing his story.  From there more and more ideas for the Awareness Critter project flooded in.

Awareness Critters is Brittany’s way of supporting her family and the Rare and Special needs community that have welcomed her family into their fold with open arms.

If you want to read more about Brittany’s family’s journey you can visit her blog Here.