Beth the Bunny

Medically Complex

Beth the Bunny loved to read, she also loved to explore the forest and play with her stuffed bunny doll, Flopsy. Today when she found the stump of an old tree in the forest just the right size for her, she knew she had found her perfect reading spot. From her reading spot, she could hear her friends laughing in the forest. They were playing tag. Beth hadn’t felt like playing tag today, usually she loved the game and her ankle braces only slowed her down a tiny bit, but she was still faster than some of her other friends. But instead of playing tag, she wanted to read her new book! It was about another bunny who went on adventures in far off forests and climbed giant mountains. Beth couldn’t wait for her friends to get tired of playing tag so she could share her new story with them.

Beth was given her new book by a very nice woman at the Ronald McDonald house, as she was headed home from the hospital. Beth had gotten a cold and it made her really sick, while she was there she needed her G tube replaced and to have a few other things done.  Thankfully, Beth was feeling much better now and was able to be home and play with her friends.

More about Beth:

Beth has a G tube, glasses to help her eyes, braces for her ankles (called SMOs), and a long list of food allergies both IgE and FPIES. Sometimes Beth has to spend a lot of time in the hospital, and the best hospitals for her are not ones near her home in the forest. Her family uses the help of the Ronald McDonald house so they can stay close to Beth when she is at the hospital. The people at the Ronald McDonald house do their best to make Beth’s family feel welcome and comfortable, almost like they are in their own home. Not only has it helped them emotionally during some scary and hard times, but without their help Beth’s family wouldn’t be able to afford to stay close by.


Learn more about how the Ronald McDonald house has helped families by visiting HERE


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