Harriet Hedgehog

Type 1 Diabetes

It was springtime, winter was finally over and that meant FLOWERS had come back!  Harriet the hedgehog loved nothing more than visiting with her friend Sarah the sparrow, making wildflower crowns, and picking bouquets of flowers to brighten the day of people who were having a hard time.

The field was practically covered in brightly colored, wonderfully smelling, wild flowers. Harriet and Sarah laughed and picked flowers. Racing from one patch of flowers to another and collecting as many colors as they could find. They wove crowns for each other and talked about what they had done during the long winter. They also tried to decide who they thought needed their day brightened up with flowers. They knew Eva the otter was having a hard time with her grandpa being sick and decided to bring her a bouquet and invite her to come along next time to pick flowers with them. More than flowers, friends could brighten your day  with laughter and fun.

 Over the winter, Harriet had learned that she had Type 1 Diabetes and that for her getting an insulin pump would help her manage her symptoms best and allow her to run around and visit with her friends without having to worry about when she needed her next injection of insulin. Sarah hadn’t seen her insulin pump yet and asked her about it. Harriet explained all about it and showed off the cool belt her mom had made to keep the pump around her waist. The only thing that would make the pump better would be if it were decorated with flowers! Harriet decided she would talk to her mom about getting a decorated pump next time.

As Harriet and Sarah left the field and headed toward Eva’s house, they couldn’t stop smiling. Surely there was nothing better than spending a springtime day with good friends!

A little bit about Type 1 Diabetes:

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases where the body’s pancreas does not produce enough insulin or does not properly respond to insulin produced, resulting in high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. There are several different types of diabetes, but the most common forms are type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Both impact glucose levels, and if left untreated, can cause many complications.” (taken from JDRF)
Type 1 is an insulin dependent kind of diabetes. The pancreas produces little to no insulin, and the body’s immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.” (JDRF)  This means multiple daily injections or an insulin pump is necessary. Currently there is no cure. Type 1 can occur at any age but is most typical found in infants and children and adults into their 30s.
No one is quite sure why people develop diabetes, genes can take a roll in it but environmental factors are believed to play a part too. Research is still underway to understand this disease more completely. JDRF helps to support families and fund research. To learn more about them please visit HERE.




Harriet the Hedgehog

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