Mary & Anne Mouse

Hearing Loss

It was shopping day, Mary and her baby, Anne, headed out the door to the local market. Anne needed new batteries for her hearing aids so Mary’s first stop was to grab a new packet and then they were off to the farmer’s market to get some fresh berries for the pie they were going to make for desert. They also needed to find some nice mushrooms to make Mary’s famous mushroom and nut casserole. Tonight was a special night, they were celebrating ┬áthe first day of Fall. Throughout the woods there would be special dinners and parties held by all of the animal families, to celebrate the change of the season. Anne squealed with joy when she saw the berries, she loved berries and knew that her daddy loved them too. She couldn’t wait to get home and eat their special dinner!

A little bit about hearing loss:
This is a huge topic and one Critter certainly won’t come close to covering it, so let’s call this the first of a series. There are many causes of hearing loss in children and infants, sometimes it is something they are born with it, sometimes repetitive severe ear infections can cause it, head trauma, viral or bacterial infections, or even some medications. When my daughter was born she was almost immediately taken back to the NICU, one of the medications she had to be on had the possible side effect of hearing loss, we were never told about this until after we were discharged and told we would need to return later for a hearing test. While my daughter did not end up having any hearing loss, we learned an important lesson that day that we needed to ask lots of questions and learn how to be her advocate even during extremely stressful situations. This is an important lesson that parents must learn, especially those with special littles.


Learn more:
The organization that is linked to Mary and Anne Mouse is called Hands and Voices. It is a support organization with parent-run chapters in nearly every state in the US and a few around the world as well, that focus on how to help individuals and families who are hard of hearing or deaf. They do not focus or have a bias of one form of communication modality being “better” than another. Their saying is, “What works for your child is what makes the choice right” It is a very worthy group that has helped a lot of families. To learn more about Hands and Voices visit you can visit HERE.

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