Nate the Newt

CP- Cerebral Palsy

Nate was excited for Henry the mouse’s birthday party today. Henry had lots of games planned and had been talking about them and planning them with his friends for weeks. Toss the acorn, pin the leaf on the tree, painting, flying kites, and so much more. He had made sure that the games were all ones that Nate and their friend Bree, could play while in their wheelchairs. All the critters knew what it was like to be left out of games because of one reason or another, and no one wanted anyone to feel that left out especially during something fun like a party.

Nate was taking the long way to Henry’s house through the meadow since that was the only path that his wheelchair could easily go on without someone there to help him if he got stuck. Halfway through the meadow, he saw Tessa the bluebird waiting for him on a fallen tree branch.

“Hi Nate.” Called Tessa.

“Heya Tessa, What are you doing in the meadow?” asked Nate.

“I wanted to wait for you so we could go to the party together. The storm last night knocked down a bunch of branches and I didn’t want you to get stuck because of one of them. I figured I could fly just overhead and let you know if one was in your way.”

“That sounds great,” said Nate, “Thanks for thinking of me!”

“No problem. I was also waiting for you because I was hoping you could help me wrap Henry’s present? My wings don’t make it super easy to wrap things, plus you always make presents look so nice when you wrap them. I brought some cloth and some ribbon if that helps?” Tessa said holding out the cloth, ribbon, and little action figures.

Nate smiled, “I’m happy to help!”

It was nice to be have friends that shared their strengths and weren’t afraid to ask for help when they needed a helping hand (or wing). That was the special thing about the Awareness Forest Community. Everyone’s family had at least one critter with a Rare disease, disability, or something special about them. Almost all of the animals and their families had moved here to be in a place were everyone was accepted just as they were, and could help uplift each other. It certainly didn’t mean that it was a perfect place or that feelings didn’t get hurt or people didn’t get angry but it meant that the animals knew a lot more about what it was like to be Rare or have a disability and did their best to care about each other because of that.

A little bit about Cerebral Palsy (CP):

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is caused by brain damage. This can occur while a baby is still developing in utero, (while a baby is still in their mom’s tummy) or in the first few years of life, such as because of accident or illness. The exact reason for this is rarely known. However, genetics are believed to play a part for some people with CP.

CP can affect motor skills, movement, and muscle tone. It can also lead to other health issues such as visual or hearing impairments, learning disabilities, speech delays or impairments, and more.  The level of severity all depends on the person.

To find out more detailed information about CP, please visit The Cerebral Palsy Foundation for some helpful factsheets and a LOT more! 

Something to remember is just because someone might not be able to communicate or move like you does not make them “stupid”, “dumb”, or “lacking”. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Our “weaknesses” are not a bad thing or something to be ashamed of; they are just something that is part of us. 

There are comedians, TV personalities, actors, researchers, scientists, and SO many more that all have CP.  You can see one of these awesome individual’s, Micah Fowler, playing the character of JJ, a young man with CP, on the TV show, Speechless.

To find out more about CP visit:  

The Cerebral Palsy Foundation.