Coloring pages are a go-to in our family for car trips, plane rides, and rainy days. They are a quick and fun way for the whole family to work on art together.

They are also amazing for doctors offices. Slip a few pages into our diaper bag along with some safe crayons and we are guaranteed at least 15 minutes of distraction. Sometimes a lot longer.

Admittedly, the coloring pages may end up on the fridge for a short time but mostly they are enjoyed for the period of coloring and completely forgotten about. The the paper gets recycled or used in our wood burning stove. But mom got a few minutes of a happily distracted child, which is very much worth the use of paper in my book.

That is also why we love pdf coloring pages because you can print pages over and over again. If your child is anything like mine, there are times when they love to color the same favorite page over and over again. Sometimes exactly the same way each time – the horse has to have a pink mane every time and it is meltdown city if a person tries to give her a blue mane!

A few weeks back I put a packet of downloadable mythological Awareness Critter coloring pages on our etsy page intending to sell them. However, with a lot of thought I am doing away with that. Those pages are now available for free on our Resources page. You can download a PDF of one or all of them and print them off as many times for home, classroom, or office use.

If you feel like donating to our project after downloading some pages, we would welcome that to help with the costs of maintaining this website and creating more coloring pages and Critters!

I hope your family gets some happy distraction and joy from the coloring pages!