Welcome to our new website and brand new blog! We are so excited to share this journey with you. If you have a story you would like to hear we would love to hear from you! Part of spreading awareness affectively is by sharing our stories and making people understand that Rare diseases, disabilities, and special needs are not something that happens to “other people” but that affects family, friends, and people just like them. It also helps others to know they are not alone when they read a story that is similar to their own. So think about sharing your story!

Awareness Critters is something very close to my heart, as the creator and founder, but also because I am a Rare mama of two amazing and brave littles. I know how hard it can be on children and on the family of littles with Rare diseases, disabilities, and special needs to feel alone and isolated. To feel like you are the only one in the world going through something like this. Awareness Critters’ aims to do away with that feeling and to make sure that both children and adults alike know they are NOT alone! That there are other people, and Critters, out there that are like them, that are facing similar challenges and joys.

I also want to celebrate the joys our children go through, because those are so very important to remember during the dark times. Recently, I started a journal and in it I write out something good that happened to the family that day. Even if it was a single moment in a really horrible day- “Today, Little Cub gave me the best hug”, “we went on a walk and saw a bee inside of a beautiful pink flower”, “The chickens gave us a double yolk egg today”, really almost anything that was special about the day.

I started this because it is so very easy to only see the hard, horrible, sad, and be emotionally drained by the continuous doctor appointments, hospital visits, lab work, etc. That way when I am at my lowest, I can look back at some bright moments, and so that in a few years I can remember some of these special moments that are so easily lost.

I challenge you to take a moment or two over the next month to reflect on the good things in your life (be they big or seemingly tiny) and write down some of them.